Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) had a deep understanding of the role of the Divine in Nature's evolutionary process. He regarded water as a sacred organism. He made an extraordinary contribution to knowledge of the natural world, intuiting what we now recognize as the quantum or subtle energy effects of water.

Quotes from this extraordinary naturalist:

"The majority believes that everything hard to comprehend must be very profound. This is incorrect. What is hard to understand is what is immature, unclear and often false. The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly into the heart".

"Whoever accelerates the media of earth, water and air centrifugally perishes unconditionally, for in so doing they reduce the Blood of the Earth (water) to a pathogenic state and make it the most dangerous enemy of all living and growing things."

"I think it would have been much better if Newton had contemplated how the apple got up there in the first place"!

"We must look into unknown dimensions, into Nature, into that incalculable and imponderable life, whose carrier and mediator, the blood of the Earth that accompanies us steadfastly from the cradle to the grave, is water".

"They call me deranged. The hope is that they are right. It is no greater or lesser import for another fool to wander the earth. But if I am right and science is wrong _ then may the Lord God have mercy on mankind". - Viktor Schauberge

"The revelation of the secret of water wil put an end to all manner of speculation or expediency and their excrescences, to which belong war, hatred, impatience and discord of every kind. The through study of water therefore signifies the end of monopolies, the end of all domination in the truest sense of the word and the start of a socialism arising from the development of indvidualism in its most perfect form." -Viktor Schauberger. 1939 - Implosion Magazine, No. 6, p.29.

"Our primeval Mother Earth is an organism that no science in the world can rationalize. Everything on her that crawls and flies is dependent upon Her and all must hopelessly perish if that Earth dies that feeds us".

"Unfortunately, catastrophes or scandalous disclosures always have to happen before humanity realises that it is only its own mistakes that have led it into misfortune. These are all the more difficult to rectify, because in the main they have been made by the authorities, who will not commit suicide themselves, but in order to save their own skins, they would rather that all Life should perish before they acknowledge their errors".

"More energy is encapsulated in every drop of good spring water than an average-sized PowerStation is presently able to produce".

"A fish does not swim it is SWUM. A bird does not FLY it is flown".

"The true foundation of all culture is the knowledge and understanding of water".

"The upholder of the cycles which sustain all Life is water. In every drop of water dwells a deity whom indeed we all serve. There also dwells Life, the soul of the primal substance - water - whose boundaries and banks are the capillaries that guide it, and in which it circulates. Every pulse beat arising through the interaction of will and resistance is indicative of creative work and urges us to care for those vessels, those primary and most vital structures, in which throbs the product of a dualistic power - Life".

"Our work is the embodiment of our will. The spiritual manifestation of this work is its effect. When such work is properly done it brings happiness, and when carried out incorrectly it assuredly brings misery. Humanity! Your will is paramount! You can command Nature if you but obey her"!

"Actually, the mysteries of water are similar to those of the blood in the human body. In Nature, normal functions are fulfilled by water just as blood provides many important functions for mankind".

Question: What is water?

Answer: Water for use by human beings can be considered a universal tool for learning. It is necessary for life as we know it at all levels of life as we think it to be. Water can be cherished or abused. It can be used selfishly producing famine or shared universally producing abundance. The choice is ours. Selfishness is based on fear of one another. Abundance is based on Love of one another.

(We fear all that we perceive as separate from ourselves which is everything. In this lies the error from which we create all suffering or lack of unconditional Love. This includes all perception of loss, insufficiency or need as we think it to be, or put another way, the lack of Love as compared to the perception of the presence of something harmful or threating. We choose by the act of thinking one way or the other and we get more detail by focusing on which way of thinking. Of this we have learned and as humans, believe as we deem necessary).

Question: As a result of our learning what do we think water to be?

Answer: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the Internet:

Water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth's streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms. Its chemical formula is H2O, meaning that its molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, that are connected by covalent bonds. Water strictly refers to the liquid state of that substance, that prevails at standard ambient temperature and pressure; but it often refers also to its solid state (ice) or its gaseous state (steam or water vapor). It also occurs in nature as snow, glaciers, ice packs and icebergs, clouds, fog, dew, aquifers, and atmospheric humidity.

Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface.[1] It is vital for all known forms of life. On Earth, 96.5% of the planet's crust water is found in seas and oceans, 1.7% in groundwater, 1.7% in glaciers and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland, a small fraction in other large water bodies, and 0.001% in the air as vapor, clouds (formed of ice and liquid water suspended in air), and precipitation.[2][3] Only 2.5% of this water is freshwater, and 98.8% of that water is in ice (excepting ice in clouds) and groundwater. Less than 0.3% of all freshwater is in rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere, and an even smaller amount of the Earth's freshwater (0.003%) is contained within biological bodies and manufactured products.[2] A greater quantity of water is found in the earth's interior.[4]

Water on Earth moves continually through the water cycle of evaporation and transpiration (evapo-transpiration), condensation, precipitation, and runoff, usually reaching the sea. Evaporation and transpiration contribute to the precipitation over land. Large amounts of water are also chemically combined or adsorbed in hydrated minerals.

Safe drinking water is essential to humans and other lifeforms even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients. Access to safe drinking water has improved over the last decades in almost every part of the world, but approximately one billion people still lack access to safe water and over 2.5 billion lack access to adequate sanitation.[5] There is a clear correlation between access to safe water and gross domestic product per capita.[6] However, some observers have estimated that by 2025 more than half of the world population will be facing water-based vulnerability.[7] A report, issued in November 2009, suggests that by 2030, in some developing regions of the world, water demand will exceed supply by 50%.[8]

Water plays an important role in the world economy. Approximately 70% of the freshwater used by humans goes to agriculture.[9] Fishing in salt and fresh water bodies is a major source of food for many parts of the world. Much of long-distance trade of commodities (such as oil and natural gas) and manufactured products is transported by boats through seas, rivers, lakes, and canals. Large quantities of water, ice, and steam are used for cooling and heating, in industry and homes. Water is a good solvent for a wide variety of chemical substances; as such it is widely used in industrial processes, and in cooking and washing. Water is also central to many sports and other forms of entertainment, such as swimming, pleasure boating, boat racing, surfing, sport fishing, and diving. -End of Wikipedia Information.

Question: Does water have qualities that the average person would think as being unusual or impossible?

Answer: Clean Water is typically taken for granted except in situations where it is considered scarce. Water has been shown to be influenced by almost any form of energy even emotions. It could be said water is the most sensitive substance known even if being unrealized. To the degree that water is allowed to clean itself when interacting with a neutral surface area it can reduce it's freezing temperature to well below what we believe its freezing temperature to be. "Water is sensitive to pressure, sound, pH as well as electricity and electromagnetic signals". Mae-Wan-Ho. -Institute Of Science In Society.

The water in the sunspots causes a sort of "stellar greenhouse effect" that affects the sunspot's energy output. Hot water molecules are also the most important absorbers of infrared radiation in the atmospheres of cool stars, such as "variable red giants." In their follow-up study, to be published today in the journal Science, the scientists examined the spectrum of extremely hot water such as that found in sunspots and in the laboratory. Hot water has a complicated infrared spectrum characterized by a dense series of sharp absorption lines. But the transitions that give rise to those lines were not known, until now. The research team carried out a simulation of the infrared spectrum based purely on theoretical calculations, allowing accurate assignments of the absorption lines. "The detailed interpretation of the infrared spectrum of hot water is one of the important unsolved problems in molecular spectroscopy," the researchers write in their Science article. The spectroscopic data will be useful in modeling other systems that contain extremely hot water molecules, such as forest fires and rocket plumes. Spectral analysis captures the characteristic spectra, or wavelength patterns, emitted or absorbed by molecules. "Our research team solved the problem by doing something completely different," Bernath said. "Starting with a mathematical model that is progressively improved through perturbation theory doesn't work for hot water." Instead, the team went directly to theory and used the calculated interaction energies of the atoms of water. By using sophisticated variational calculations of energy levels, the researchers predicted the position of transitions that give rise to absorption lines. "The calculations were so good that they were close enough to the observations for us to make sense of the spectrum," said Bernath, who led the team that carried out the laboratory spectroscopy. Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction of light and matter.

Question: Are most modern water delivery systems beneficial or harmful to the water?

Answer: Because of the lack of natural vortexing and the addition of chemicals to reduce the agglomeration of minerals within the pipes or even canals, the water has become harmed or somewhat dead as compared to that in a creek, undisturbed spring or a river with its spring time turbulence and vortexing over rocks. The freshness of such water has been experienced by many people and looked forward to most as compared to their response to water traveling later in the year at a slower speed and without much of the turbulence taking place.

Water traveling slowly through a surface canal such as those relied upon in the central valley of California has lost most of its energy and much of its ability to hydrate that which it is eventually going to use it such as orchards, vineyards, fields, horses and feed lots for cattle, hogs, chickens, turkeys and other animals. Such water is also subject to the perceived need to chemically treat the water is what ever way is deemed as necessary. Also is the degree that the surface water is becoming contaminated by various means including herbicides and pesticides applied by ground or aerial spraying.

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