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Gardening applicationpersonal applicationfruits and orchard applicationagriculture and crop applicationdairy farms and animal applicationindustrial water purification application
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Lifestar Performance Guarantee

The current Tranquility Device was developed exclusively by Lifestar in late 2013 and brought to the testing stage in 2014. It is currently being manufactured by Lifestar and the trade name “Tranquility Device” is owned by Lifestar to identify the device as distributed and sold by Lifestar. Prior to the development of the our current device, Lifestar purchased for resale another effective device from another company which we sold under of our trade name Tranquility Device. There are very few similarities between the two devices and early testing of our device indicates it is up to 3 times more effective in some major areas of use. Patents pending may be in effect at the time of reading this information. The exterior elements of the device itself are made of pure lead free copper and bronze. Sizes available are 1/2 inch to 4 inch water pipe diameters. The Tranquility Device is holistically recycleable.

The current Tranquility Device is free of chemicals, adhesives, plastics and except for 4 "O" rings, is 100% recyclable. No heat, solder or resins are used.

Lifestar distributes the Tranquility Device with some of following guarantees to the original purchaser:

  • The Tranquility Device is guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of your water regardless of what you use the water for. 
  • Our device is guaranteed to never crack or leak under normal operating conditions. 
  • Our device is guaranteed to increase the nutritional density/sweetness level (BRIX level) in plants including fruit and vegetables.
  • For details see the Guarantee page.
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