"The Lifestar Tranquility Device is guaranteed to improve the effectiveness of water run through the Device

for whatever purpose you are using the water for."


Avoid “thinking” about this statement as that will likely bring up what you believe you have learned or think you know about water. We invite you not to be imprisoned by your thoughts, but to pay attention to the “ideas” that reveal themselves, and follow them for they will likely lead you to an adventure full of surprises and joyfulness associated with the use of the Device. This Device produces significant increases in water hydration levels (wetter water), particularly with high water consuming plant and animal forms such as dairy cows, cattle, feed lots, birds, fish, nurseries, vineyards and orchards, while lowering the total amount of water usage. Think about that for a minute.... Better performance with less costs. Isn't that the way Nature operates by providing the most benefit with the least amount of effort as compared to what "man" typically does?

It works by naturally producing millions of simultaneous microscopic vortexes within the water within a relatively short distance without using any man made material such as plastics, glass, stainless steel, magnets, electricity or concepts such as sacred shapes or geometry and without any side effects. The Tranquility Device doesn't use any energy to do this.

Higher hydration levels translates into healthier soil and higher nutrient levels with less effort and lower insect infestation. In some cases the expected insects don't even show up.

The Tranquility Device is not a filter. While it can reduce the influence of contaminates (man made chemicals) or even eliminate their influence, the Device will improve, often dramatically, the results you are seeking.

The Tranquility Device is not a water structuring device. While it accomplishes that, it is a holistic renaturing device that goes beyond structuring to actually naturalizing water the way of Nature and not the way of man.

The Tranquility Device is not a flow form device. It qualifies as that kind of device and goes beyond the capability of any flow form device that we are aware of.

The Device comes with three other types of guarantees.

2. You have 120 days to prove to yourself that it will produce results.

3. The Device will not stop producing results.

4. The Device is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years of use unless damaged or abused.

Water pressure applied to the Device should not exceed 200 pounds per square inch and the temperature range for water should not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your water source produces high levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water such as from a well, a properly maintained sediment filter is required to minimize that influence on the water. The Device will not remove salt from sea water for instance, but it will influence the taste. The Device will influence (improve) the flavor of some liquids run through it such a wine and some fruit juices.

Each Tranquility Device has a bar code and Identification Number on a small label attached to the Device. This number will be associated with the name of the purchaser of the Device upon registration including contact information with Lifestar thus establishing the Guarantee as active. The Guarantee is not transferable unless the tranquility Device is given as a gift. The name of the receiver and their contact information must be registered with Lifestar in order for the Guarantee to remain active relative to gifting the Device.

If the Tranquility Device does not meet with your satisfaction, call Lifestar and find out what may be interfering with your intended outcome. If this does not meet your need and the Device is not damaged in any way, upon receipt by Lifestar, we will arrange to refund your purchase price through the Distributor you purchased the Device from or from Lifestar. The refund will include any shipping costs originally payed by you. While you will be responsible for packaging the Device in such a way it will not likely be damaged during its return, Lifestar will pay the shipping costs to return the Device. Any other costs such as customs expenses, federal/state excise or sales taxes cannot be refunded. Lifestar must have the Device returned so we can determine what the problem may be, fix the problem if possible and share the information.

Exception: If you are relying on a form of personal or another person's "energy testing" to evaluate the device before or after use, we need to know what form or technique of energy testing you are using. Many techniques may be unknowingly flawed by what thoughts are being used, the words used in the process and even if one is wearing a quartz watch, smiling or listening to music during the test for example. If you do not want to share this information then we will respect your belief and wish you well.

If you are using a testing technique such as Applied or Behavioral Kinesiology while using a surrogate and following the recommendations by Dr. David R. Hawkins for example, we guarantee the Tranquility Device will out test any other type of water improvement device regardless of it's price or any claims made.

The metallic parts of the Device are guaranteed not to leak for 10 years if not damaged in any way. The live expectancy of the 4 to 6 internal seals (O rings) is 25 years.

• While the Tranquility Device meets the current general definitions of a “water structuring device” and a “flow form device” it exceeds both definitions.

• The external and two internal parts of the Device structure are lead free pure copper made in the United States. The lead free copper reducers and lead free bronze fittings are made in Germany.

• The Device is ideal for Organic and Biodynamic applications.

• The Device meets all environmental requirements of the European Union.

• All design, testing and assembly of the Device is performed in the United States exclusively by Lifestar.

water is life
our self we find in the sea
water gives life
magic is contained in water
the components of water
water and the earth