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Gardening applicationpersonal applicationfruits and orchard applicationagriculture and crop applicationdairy farms and animal applicationindustrial water purification application
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Lifestar was created in 1987 to launch a new paradigm for health and well-being by focusing on the source of suffering/lack of health and learning to transcend it. More than 70,000 clinically documented cases of spontaneous remission of every major class of disease known testifies to the possibilities. Consistent with this vision is the development of a teachable model for inducing natural and sometimes spontaneous recovery from health challenges, as well as authentic products and information that support doing so.

The results of testing in this context are arrived at using the bioenergetic work of the founder of Lifestar, as well as the detailed work of David R Hawkins M.D., Ph.D. spanning more than 25 years and explained in this summary from his Ph.D. dissertation titled "Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibration of the Levels of Human Consciousness".

Our primary objective is education about Health as a natural state of existence and to provide authentically natural nutritional products, restorative systems, and information that supports being in a natural state of health, and contributes to the quality of people's lives... products and information that really does make a difference... products and information where the difference is in your experience so you don't have to rely on advertising rhetoric to make your choices... products and information that health professionals feel confident in using and recommending... products and information that clients like to tell their friends and loved ones about.

Lifestar nutritional products make a difference you can actually notice in your own experience. They do not stimulate or stress the body as a drug or any other synthetic substance does, but nurture and help restore a more natural state consistent with nature's wise design. We believe our nutrient material to be the world's safest, most authentically natural and chemically-free nutrient material available for commercial use in the production of vitamin and mineral supplements and other forms of nutritional products. Our inexpensive and high success with most forms of cancer, diabetes and many other challanges are examples of what is possible to accomplish naturally.

We also provide information which will enable you to make your own distinctions in the marketplace in serving your nutritional needs. We think the more you know, the more wisely you can make your choices and mentor those who rely upon you for guidance.

Consistant with our purpose for almost 30 years, with this web site we are sharing with you something very new and totally unique. Our maintenance free Tranquility Device among other things, is guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of your water regardless of what you use the water for, including dramatically increasing the nutrient density (BRIX) level of growing plants, fruits and vegetables. BRIX has historically been referred to the sweetness level and in more recent history, the nutrient density. Higher levels above 12 result in little or no insect investation. The more energy water has lost in its delivery system, the less it can contribute to higher nutritional levels including the flavor.

With multiple sources of water openly available to them, why do dairy cows and pet dogs for instance, drink water from this device to the exclusion of the water source they historically used?  Ask us why...


water is life
our self we find in the sea
water gives life
magic is contained in water
the components of water
water and the earth